Americans File Lawsuit Against Census Bureau

Americans File Lawsuit Against Census Bureau

Census Bureau SUED After Asking These “Intrusive” Questions

( – Two American citizens, Maureen Murphy and John Huddleston, are suing the US Census Bureau. They believe the annual American Community Survey is illegal and are fighting back against it.

The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit, Murphy v. Raimondo, on May 24 in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington. The suit alleges the Census Bureau survey asks invasive questions that the government doesn’t need to know. For example, it asks citizens about their fertility history, sexual orientation, gender identity, medical history including any psychological conditions people might suffer from, and other personal information. Additionally, there are questions about how much families pay in taxes, on utility bills, as well as how many cars, beds “and washing machines the household has.”

The lawsuit says individuals who refuse to respond to the invasive questionnaire are subject to monetary fines that could total $5,000 per question. The plaintiffs believe the Census Bureau doesn’t have the authority to demand answers to the “detailed, intrusive questions.”

According to the suit, Census Bureau agents visited Murphy’s home three times in 2021 and sent her multiple letters, demanding she answer the survey questions. Huddleston faces a similar experience with agents sending him letters and visiting his home, telling him he was required by law to respond.

President Joe Biden’s appointee, US District Judge David G. Estudillo will hear the case.

What do you think? Do you believe the questions are too intrusive?

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