American Shares Story After Getting Stranded in Afghanistan

American Shares Story After Getting Stranded in Afghanistan

( – The full extent of the pain and suffering inflicted on US citizens left in Afghanistan by President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal might never be known. However, one citizen is making sure Americans hear her voice.

On September 17, Fox News host Dana Perino spoke with an American woman in Afghanistan by telephone named Julie. Jennifer Wilson, the COO of Army Week Association, a nonprofit organization working to help other US citizens out of the country, also joined the conversation.

Julie broke into tears as she explained she went to Afghanistan to get married and planned to return to the US with her new family. However, the country fell to the Taliban before she could return, and the State Department left without her.

Julie said she called the State Department numerous times and sent several emails. However, officials reportedly told her, “Sorry, we can’t do anything for you.” She said they responded by asking them what was going on with them. “I’m a US citizen,” she told them, “And I just lose a lot of family here.” But, according to her, her pleas fell on deaf ears.

At this point, Julie became overwhelmed by tears, and Wilson took over the interview. She explained that Julie lost 18 family members during the suicide bomber attack on August 26. Currently, Julie and her daughter are the only two remaining individuals with US passports. They can leave the country, but won’t be able to take her new husband and family with them.

Will the Biden administration take note of this situation now that her story is out there, or will Julie’s words go ignored?

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