American Airlines Sued By Mother Over Treatment of Children

American Airlines Sued By Mother Over Treatment of Children

( – A mother of two is suing American Airlines (AA) for allegedly leaving her children overnight in a cold room with no food or water. The parent described the space as similar to a jail cell, adding that her kids weren’t even offered pillows or blankets, let alone a bed. She seeks undisclosed damages over the allegedly inhumane, traumatic event.

Insider reports that Amber Vencill used AA’s paid assistance for unaccompanied minors to help her two boys travel from Missouri to New York in July 2022. The service, which costs $150, according to the airline’s website, is supposed to put parents at ease that their children are safe and accounted for before, during, and after their flights. It’s required for all unaccompanied children under the age of 15 and promises that the company will ensure their adequate care in the case of any delays or cancellations. Vencill’s two were aged 10 and 12.

The boys’ connecting flight was reportedly delayed multiple times, then finally canceled, but Vencill claims the airline didn’t effectively communicate updates on their estimated arrival time. At one point, a representative admitted they were clueless as to when — or if — the kids would reach their destination.

Even worse, instead of setting up the kids with the promised accommodations, which included a room with beds and a bathroom, they were apparently confined to a room on the premises, which was cold, remained lit throughout the night, and offered nowhere for the children to sleep. They seemed to get lost in the shuffle there, according to the New York Post, which reports that an employee had to track them down after Vencill called for an update. The employee also reportedly gave the hungry children a sandwich at that point.

AA refunded the $150 unaccompanied minor fee and apologized for the incident, but the mother doesn’t think that’s enough. Vencill alleges that her boys are now afraid they’ll be misplaced again if they make another attempt to fly, the direct result of AA’s negligence, and she wants the airline to pay for its mistake.

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