American Airlines Cancels Over 2,400 Flights in 5 Days

American Airlines Cancels Over 2,000 Flights in 4 Days

( – Recent staffing shortages have led to various issues across a broad spectrum of industries as the nation attempts to restart its economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those shortages hit the nation’s transportation systems particularly hard and recently forced American Airlines to cancel thousands of flights.

From Friday, October 29 through Tuesday, November 2, American Airlines grounded more than 2,400 flights. The airline canceled 340 flights on Monday, roughly 6% of its average daily total. Tuesday morning, it canceled an additional 100 flights, but the airline’s flight schedule appeared to return to normal by the afternoon.

On Sunday, Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin posted photographs of American Airlines customers backed up at customer assistance counters at Los Angeles International Airport.

Airline officials blamed the cancelations on staff shortages, combined with COVID-19 related issues and bad weather conditions. For instance, severe winds at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport cut the carrier’s arrival capacity by more than 50% over the weekend.

Fortunately, weather conditions improved, and nearly 1,800 crew members started returning from leave on Monday to fill staffing shortages.

Worker shortages have also decimated the country’s shipping industry, leading to supply-side shortfalls and rising inflation rates. Perhaps it’s time for Biden administration officials to quit promoting its multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill and start focusing on getting Americans back to work.

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