America First Legal Sues Biden for Ousting Trump Appointees

America First Legal Sues Biden for Ousting Trump Appointees

( – Earlier this year, former Trump White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller launched a new legal group. Named America First Legal (AFL), the organization promotes the rule of law and pushes back against executive branch abuses. The group recently set its sights on President Joe Biden’s recent removal of Trump administration officials from their positions on the US Naval Academy Board of Visitors.

On Thursday, September 23, AFL announced it filed a lawsuit on behalf of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Management and Budget Office Director Russ Vought.

The lawsuit claims that Biden lacks proper authority to remove Board of Visitors members. Historically, board members serve set terms that survive changes in presidents. Of particular concern is the fact that, unlike other presidential advisory panels, Congress created the Board of Visitors to serve in an oversight capacity over the Naval Academy.

AFL General Counsel Gene Hamilton lashed out at Biden in an official statement. According to him, the president runs the risk of setting a dangerous precedent if he prevails in the lawsuit. He also accused the president of attempting to avoid oversight over the Naval Academy.

The AFL claimed that Biden’s decision to fire Spicer and Vought serves as another example of an “illegal partisan power-grab.”

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