Ambulance Driver Charged After Horrific Crash

Ambulance Driver Faces Horrific Charges

( – Society and the long arm of the law hold drivers to strict standards when operating motor vehicles, particularly when transporting patients. Sadly, a Georgia ambulance driver failed to meet those demands, and a man paid the ultimate price for his misdeeds.

In Fairborn, Georgia, police officers responded to a single-vehicle accident scene Friday night, November 12. They discovered a non-emergency ambulance overturned in a ditch with 66-year-old Wilton Thomason unresponsive at the scene. Meanwhile, the ambulance driver, Kevin Tirrel McCorvey, 34, and his partner attempted to leave the scene via an Uber.

Police officers ordered the two men to remain, administered a field sobriety test to McCorvey, and promptly arrested him for suspicion of drunk driving. He later admitted that he smoked marijuana and took Adderall prior to transporting Thomason. McCorvey also told law enforcement officials he was drinking beer while driving the ambulance.

Another ambulance arrived at the scene and pronounced Thomason dead, and officers from the Georgia State Police arrived to take over the investigation.

Officials are currently holding McCorvey in a Fulton County jail cell without bond. He was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, reckless conduct, felony involuntary manslaughter, driving under the influence, failure to safely maintain a lane, and driving with an open container.

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