Alex Murdaugh Must Pay $1.8 Million

Alex Murdaugh Must Pay $1.8 Million

( – In 2022, disgraced former South Carolina Attorney Alex Murdaugh was arrested for murdering his wife, Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh, and their son, Paul Murdaugh, in June 2021. In 2023, it took a jury only three hours to find him guilty of murder, and the judge sentenced him to two life sentences. The murders, however, were not the beginning nor the end of Murdaugh’s legal woes.

On February 7, Fox News reported that a court in South Carolina ordered the former attorney to pay almost $1.8 million to 16 different people. Some of the people were victims of theft, and others had various lawsuits pending against the murderer. According to WSAV, the SC courts appointed Greenville Attorney Walt Tollison to act as a referee to split up Murdaugh’s remaining assets among the plaintiffs. The money first goes toward legal fees, and the rest is being split.

Most of the money, 29%, goes to Mallory Beach’s family. In 2019, Mallory Beach was thrown off a boat in Beaufort, South Carolina, when Alex Murdaugh’s now-deceased son Paul crashed into a pier while reportedly driving drunk. Investigators looked for the 19-year-old for over a week before finding her body downriver from the crash. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma and drowning. Before justice could be served, Mr. Murdaugh killed his son. According to WSAV, the Beach family’s lawyer said it was “never about the money.” They were looking for “accountability.”

Arthur Badger got the second largest share — 24%. His wife was killed in an accident, and Murdaugh represented him in his wrongful death suit. The disgraced attorney stole over a million dollars from the negotiated deal for her estate. In his brief, Tollison acknowledged the pain Murdaugh caused all of the plaintiffs on the list. He said, “In a perfect world, there would be unlimited funds.”

The appointed referee said splitting the money was “difficult.” Unfortunately, some victims didn’t receive payment at all. Those parties expressed disappointment about the result.

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