Airport Executive Shot During Incident With Federal Agents

Airport Executive Shot During Incident With Federal Agents

( – A search warrant is a document signed by a judge giving law enforcement permission to search a premises, person, or vehicle to gather evidence. The legal permission is needed because Americans have Fourth Amendment rights protecting them from unlawful searches and seizures without probable cause. Sometimes, executing those warrants ends in violence.

On March 19, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) attempted to execute a search warrant at the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport Executive Director Bryan Malinowski in Little Rock, Arkansas. An unspecified incident ensued, and both Malinowski and an ATF agent were shot. The executive director was treated at the scene and was transported to the hospital along with the law enforcement agent.

The ATF agent shot during the event suffered a wound that was described as non-life-threatening. However, as of March 21, Malinowski was reported to be brain-dead and not expected to pull through, and later reports stated he had died. Few details have been released about the incident or what the police were looking for with the search warrant.

However, a source reportedly overheard one of the ATF agents explain that Little Rock firefighters were on the scene to help them open a safe inside Malinowski’s residence. Fire department personnel were allegedly seen carrying a power saw and a prybar while approaching the house.

Malinowski was appointed executive director of the airport in late 2019 but had prior experience at other airports in Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania — over 30 years total. He also holds a degree in Aviation Management and is a certified flight instructor.

The state police Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the incident at Malinowski’s home and will present its findings to prosecutors. The prosecutor’s office will then decide if the actions that happened on the executive director’s property fall in line with Arkansas laws.

Little Rock Airport Commission Chairman Bill Walker said Deputy Executive Director Tom Clarke will take over Malinowski’s position for the time being.

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