Actor Passes Away at 69

Actor Passes Away at 69

( – Born in the Big Apple in 1954, Peter Spellos grew up to become an actor. He played in such movies as “American Dreams,” “Men in Black II,” “City of Angels,” and “Transformers: Robots in Disguise.” He also founded a theater company in 2008 and had been teaching his craft to others since 1989. According to his brother, James Spellos, his big brother had a great sense of humor and was a big-time football fan.

On November 19, James Spellos shared a post on social media telling the world that his beloved brother passed away in his sleep the night before. Actor Peter Spellos had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for a short while and was in hospice care when he died. The younger Spellos thanked the people who took care of him in his last days, doing their best to keep him comfortable and out of pain.

While Mr. Spellos said his brother wanted a grand Viking send-off at sea complete with a “horned helmet, with Sinatra… blasting,” and flaming arrows shot at his Viking ship, setting it ablaze, he was sad to report that wasn’t possible. Instead, the actor would be cremated without much fanfare and without any religious connotations — as he also wished.

The actor’s brother asked that people donate to the charities Rock and Wrap It Up and Plant-Powered Metro New York in his honor instead of sending flowers. He said there would be an online session available so people could share their thoughts about Peter Spellos and maybe some “funny memories of him.” Mr. Spellos ended the note by sharing one of his big brother’s favorite memories that he thought fit the moment. The pair attended a Red Skeleton show at Radio City many years before, where the performer shared a story that went like this: “When I die, I want to go like my grandfather died. Calmly. Serenely. In his sleep. Not [screaming and kicking] like the [other] passengers in his car.”

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