3 Things Trump Has Done to Improve the Courts

3 Things Trump Has Done to Improve the Courts

(RepublicanPress.org) – President Donald Trump has nearly completed his first term in office. Now is an excellent time to look at his performance, particularly regarding the nation’s judiciary. No president in recent memory has done more to improve the courts.

Let’s look at three of his main accomplishments.

  1. The Supreme Court: President Trump successfully placed three new justices on the United States Supreme Court. Strong Conservatives, their appointments shifted the court’s balance to the right with a margin of six Conservative justices to only three Liberal ones.
  2. The Appellate Courts: The president has appointed more than 50 appellate judges skewing the balance on many appellate courts for years to come due to many of those appointees’ relative youth.

  1. The Federal Courts: Taking the judiciary as a whole, Trump has appointed more than a fourth of the federal judiciary, with the Republican-led Senate confirming more than 200 new judges to the bench. Because of their youth, his appointees will dominate the judicial interpretation of the law for decades.

President Trump’s judicial nominees remain committed to interpreting the Constitution in conformity with its Founder’s original intent, steering the balance of power in the federal courts away from activist judges.

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