3 People Reportedly Charged in Kidnapping of TikTok Influencer

3 People Reportedly Charged in Kidnapping of TikTok Influencer

(RepublicanPress.org) – Businesses all over the world turn to social media to bring in customers as part of their marketing campaigns. While the go-to platform used to be Facebook — and still is for many companies — the new-ish platform in town is TikTok. One popular Australian company that utilizes the social media space reportedly had a scare that ended in injuries and three peoples’ arrests.

On November 11, the news.com.au reported that the owner of Thirsty Monkey cafe, Jacob Najjar, was assaulted, kidnapped, and found a day later with marks on his face. The investigation led to three suspects — two men and a teenage boy — who were charged with multiple crimes related to the incident.

The oldest man faces charges of kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap, and directing a criminal group. The younger man and 17-year-old face crimes of kidnapping, bodily harm, contributing to a criminal group, conspiracy to kidnap, driving offenses, and bodily harm.

Najjar addressed the incident on TikTok in a question/answer format with a woman behind the camera. He stated people shouldn’t listen to other creators talking about the incident because they’re just in it for clout. The owner said he was fine, the shop was open, and he encouraged patrons to come buy his acai bowls. According to the company’s website, Thirsty Monkey is famous for its bowls, boasting a smooth flavor packed with nutrition. The cafe has a huge following with long lines waiting for its wares.

In October, Najjar talked about the conflict happening in the Middle East on his platform. He shared his heartbreak about innocent people dying and shared that his father was killed during a terrorist attack in Iraq. The owner donated days worth of profit to help those suffering in the Israeli/Hamas war.

As for the attack on Najjar, all three suspects were remanded. There was no clear motivation for their alleged actions.

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