3 Dead After Hangar Collapse

3 Dead After Hangar Collapse

(RepublicanPress.org) – A privately owned steel-framed hangar was recently under construction on the ground of the Boise Airport in Idaho. Before the structure was completed, tragedy struck, leaving multiple people dead and several others injured at the scene.

On January 31, the City of Boise announced that the hangar collapsed at around dinner time near W. Rickenbacker Street and Luke Street. The statement confirmed that three people died at the site of the incident, and nine others were injured and taken to area hospitals — five were in critical condition.

First responders to the “catastrophic” event included multiple fire departments, local police, battalion and division chiefs, paramedics, safety officers, several engines and trucks, a rescue unit, and 12 ambulances. Division Chief of Operations Aaron Hummel sent condolences and described the scene as “hectic,” according to reports. The individuals killed have been identified as Mariano Coc Och, Craig Durrant, and Mario Sontay Tzi.

According to KTVB7, initial reports put up to 30 people in the area, but everyone in and around the scene was accounted for. A Saint Alphonsus spokesperson told the news outlet that emergency teams worked with first responders to treat people at the scene, and the Boise Fire Department made sure workers present at the time were reunited with their families.

The hanger structure wasn’t the only thing to collapse that evening, a crane did as well. However, there is no confirmation that the equipment incident caused the building to fall. The cause is still under investigation, led by the Boise Police Department.

Red Sky released a statement on behalf of the Jackson Jet Center, where the hanger was being constructed. It said they were grateful to the emergency services for their response and sent condolences out to “everyone affected by [the] horrific event.” The Boise Airport also released a statement sending thoughts out to all those affected. The status of the critically injured victims is still unknown.

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