160 Republicans Call On Biden Address Supply Chain Issues

160 Republicans Call on Biden Address Supply Chain Issues

(RepublicanPress.org) – Before retailers can place any item on their shelves for consumers to buy, it needs to go through a series of steps. The manufacturer needs to buy the raw materials to make the product, employ people to create it, and ship it to stores either by truck, boat, train, or plane.

If one of those links in the network supply chain has a problem, the whole system malfunctions, leaving store shelves bare as consumers buy up what’s already in stock. That’s exactly what’s happening with the supply chain in the United States. Now, 160 Republicans have called on President Joe Biden to prioritize the issue impacting American citizens.

The Plea From Republicans

On October 20, Republicans asked the president to change his focus from the infrastructure package and the social programs it includes to the supply chain and ports crisis. While the Biden Administration announced a series of efforts to address the problem, critics argue that this won’t be enough to turn things around.

The lawmakers’ concern is that the bottlenecks occurring in the network are negatively impacting citizens and businesses on the heels of a global pandemic that already has both groups struggling.

These Republicans want Biden to speak to Democrats in Congress and encourage them to stop trying to push the reconciliation bill and turn their attention toward the flow of goods to American families. They accuse him of fueling the issue by driving up energy costs, targeting businesses, and contributing to inflation. Meanwhile, they call on Biden to use his office to find solutions before the problem gets worse.

The Supply Chain Issue

The reason that America has supply issues is complex, as there are multiple steps in the process that can lead to a breakdown. In this case, the biggest problem stems from the coronavirus pandemic causing a shortage in workers across the board, from factory workers and truck drivers to dockworkers and shipping personnel.

The continued spread is also causing many warehouses that stock products to shut down either temporarily or permanently. If that wasn’t enough, the US Postal Service (USPS) recently announced a slowdown in their services.

The Result

The supply chain issues are causing an increased shortage of products on the shelf, which is contributing to increased prices that are hurting families and the entire economy. Many companies like Target, Walmart, and UPS are lengthening their shifts, while the Port of Los Angeles has extended its hours to help with the backlog. However, these actions alone may not be enough to fix the problem.

Republicans are hoping to encourage the president to assist in beefing up the links in the supply network now so the country can successfully continue its pandemic recovery.

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